You probably best know Quavo as the world-renowned hip-hop artist. Although he originated as part of a group, Migos, he’s now a successful solo artist in his own right. In fact, four of his singles made the top ten this year, so it’s not surprising everyone wants a piece of him!

He’s no longer just a songwriter, performer, and rapper; he’s now somewhat of a style icon. For those of you who love fresh urban fashion and the latest streetwear, Quavo is the one to watch.

In light of this, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Quavo fashion statements, so you can replicate his look. Let’s dive in!


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A P R I L 2nd 91’ G O D G A V E M E L I F E

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His Classic Style

Quavo is never without a pair of slick looking shades. He often partners them with a red bomber jacket, a simple white tee, and distressed black jeans.

Top Tip: be sure to tuck your tee into your jeans to master the look. Not only is this outfit a classic, but it’s also super simple for you to re-create. Yes, Quavo is famous for shopping in some of the rarest and most costly streetwear stores like A Ma Maniere in Atlanta.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to spend an entire year’s salary to replicate the above look.


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Go Hard or Go Home

Quavo is living proof that bolder is better. If subtlety is your thing, then his looks aren’t for you. Quavo’s outfits are nothing short of dazzling — to say the least!

We’re talking sequins on sweaters, boldly patterned clothing, a pair of unique-looking shades, and heavy gold chains to round off the ensemble.

If you’re a fan of Quavo’s shades, opt for glasses that boast larger, rounded frames. He loves glasses with plenty of detailing on them.
He has tons of pairs, so try and add a few to your collection. That way you’re more likely to have some to hand to suit any given outfit choice.
He’s even been known to rock neon shades, like fluorescent greens. So if you’ve spotted a piece of clothing showcasing unique colors, don’t be afraid to experiment. Take a page out of Quavo’s book and push boundaries with your fashion choices!

Do You Prefer to Tone Things Down?

If you’re worried about coming across as loud and brash, you’ll be pleased to hear Quavo tones things down (occasionally). Some of his performance outfits make good use of navies, dark blues, and rich purples.
All of these dark and moody colors complement each other really well. His navy jacket looks smart and works well paired against printed tees and dark colored jeans.

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If you’ve any questions for us, please feel free to drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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