There’s nothing like some bling to make you shine during the holidays and the upcoming year. But things have changed since the epic remake of “Do your ears hang low” by Chingy in the 00’s.

Instead of gaudy chains with cheesy words on them, we’re seeing people go for more subdued style. They don’t need a chain that says baller – they need their chain to tell people they are a baller.

Feel? These gold chains for men are exactly what you need. Want to know the best tips for wearing them in the upcoming year?

Check it below.

1. Short Chains

A real baller has chains of every size in their closet, including short chains. These sit right around your neck and hang just outside your clothes. These chains are best for family gatherings and events where it’s not all about you.

Just because it’s not your party doesn’t mean you can’t look fly – you just need to tone down the size. Wear a short gold chain anywhere, from Christmas dinner to work.

It’s the ultimate transition piece.

2. Matching

2019 is going to be all about matching. We saw Kanye do a monochromatic thing last year – all simple colors.

This year, we predict that people will do the same thing. To add to the fashion, you should coordinate your accessories to match each other.

Like your shoes. If you’re wearing black kicks – that calls for a chain in a dark metal. White kicks? Then it calls for something bright, like rose gold or white gold.

3. Layer

Another big trend this year and going into next year is layering. You spent good money on your gold chains for men, so why not show off more than one at a time?

You can – and should, by layering your chains. When you choose chains to wear at the same time, you want them to be the same metal color. they should be a few inches apart, where they lay on your chest.

Don’t wear two short chains, wear one short and one medium or a medium and a long.

You can even layer your chains with initials of yourself (gotta take care of you) or people you love.

4. Custom Chains

What’s better than something everyone has? Something only you can have – a customized photo chain. With bling on the outside and fly chain, all you need is a photo of someone.

Will it be someone you lost this year (RIP) or your bae? Whoever it is, they’ll love being close to your heart.

Gold Chains for Men

There’s nothing like the color gold. It looks good on all skin types and it’s the ultimate sign of luxury. Show off your personality by adding charms to your bling or getting a new necklace entirely.

When shopping, you want to make sure you have a balance of different chains. Speaking of, You can shop our collection of gold chains for men – and other colors here.

Emojis anyone?

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