If you know anything about A$AP Mob, you know they’re as synonymous with fashion and lifestyle as they are with hip-hop.

They’ve had a presence at Fashion Week due to their taste in clothing, but have also been influential on the jewelry front. If you’d like to dabble in the lifestyle, look no further than the creativity they’ve exhibited with gold and diamond jewelry.

A chain is worth a thousand words, so consider these examples below to learn more about how A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, and company have influenced fashion through their jewelry selections.

A$AP Mob Chain Designs

It’s clear that A$AP Mob is as much a family as it is a movement. That’s why the group’s chain has become iconic and each member has their own take on it.

Hip-Hop’s most famous crew, the Wu-Tang Clan made having a group jewelry piece a must, and A$AP members are carrying on tradition.

There are some different takes on the A$AP chain, with some members using a green dollar sign, and others using a dark blue Atlanta Braves influenced letter A. These members use some of the finest jewelers for their chains and continuously create new and different takes on it.

A$AP Rocky’s Taste and Selection

One thing about A$AP Rocky is that he always makes sure each component of his jewelry means something. While Atlanta and the west coast have been running hip-hop for the last decade or so, A$AP Rocky has been a New York artist still carrying the torch for his area.

His jewelry tends to pay homage to New York City whenever he creates a new piece. For instance, he has a 14K gold chain piece that is replicated after an old-school New York subway token.

Nothing says New York City like riding the subway,  which is why this and other pieces of his have been so iconic.

A$AP Ferg and Other Members

While A$AP Rocky is the front man, A$AP Ferg has been making lots of noise and other members are increasingly coming to prominence.

While Ferg has had some great albums in recent years, he’s also come up with great takes on custom jewelry pieces. He keeps his finest jewelry pieces in a Louis Vitton bag that he takes on tour with him.

Some of his most notable jewelry pieces include a rainbow bracelet worth a pretty penny, and several Jesus pieces.

The rest of the crew has pieces that correspond with their tattoos, and plenty of necklaces and rings that express their personalities.

Take the Time to Look Into Different Jewelry Options

If you’re a fan of the A$AP Mob and want to wear your personality around your neck the way they do, you’ll need to look into some fine jewelry pieces of your own.

There are plenty of gold and diamond pieces that you can buy that you will fall in love with. If you are ready to shop around, look around the rest of our site to see the jewelry that we offer.

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